The very creative company FABRIK was established by two of creative person; a craft man and a product designer in 2012. Besides we develop a new design based on the product design method, and mainly OEM/ ODM of bags and apparel miscellaneous goods, we started our original product brand “FABRIK®” in 2014. With our original brand we develop products representing philosophy for craftsmanship of FABRIK. FABRIK’s leather products The leather products were associated with the living of people closely from old days. Thus we reviewed those functions, structures, and characteristics of materials and we designed products with the concept which is to keep the ordinary usefulness but being free from the ordinary manufacturing method. We use Japanese premium natural leather with a technique of craft man and seamless pattern design to bring out the natural strength and flexibility of the natural leather. The leather forms in depend on the user and what we put in, and the beauty of appearances increase as it uses; which will brings the tools and the user closer. Please enjoy FABRIK’s leather product gather together to lifestyle with variety of items and various color variations.